Captain Marc Janssen made his last flight, after 37 years, due to retirement at KLM.

Assisted by ‘Wingman’ FO Wiggert de Vries and ‘Wingwoman’ SO Lisa Woortman.

With the third try he finally departed and heading for Bangkok.

First his Sundayflight should get a change of aircraft with the PHBVB.

Unfortunately this flight with stand F6 got cancelled with a 22hr delay.

The 2nd try would be at monday at stand Echo17 and again with the PHBVB.

Due to technical issues they would’nt depart with this aircraft.

My colleagues of KLM Aircraft Towing Department towed an other B777-300ER, reg PHBVG, to stand Echo 19.

With a delay of about 3 hrs they finally departed with the 3rd try , KL803-D and got RWY 18L for departure.

I operated the pushback and was able to capture them along runway 18L.

Marc’s last landing was on runway 18C and final stand F7.

Unfortunately ,caused by picking up a B737 at hangar 12 for stand C15, I was’nt able to get on time to capture the arrival on F7.