During the month March of 2020, some B747 pilots flying for KLM were suddenly told they had to make their last flight with a B747 due to the early phasing out of all B747 planes flying for KLM.

Several KLM pilots did not get the chance to make one last flight with a KLM B747 after the decision was made by KLM representatives, so they suddenly realized they have already made their last flight. Other pilots were fortunate enough to make one more flight before all the KLM B747 planes are taken out of service.

The announcement to retire all KLM B747 planes came as a complete shock to a lot of people whom have been involved with the beloved B747 so-called “the Queen of the skies”.

All footage i shot of a retiring B747 will be put inside their own category. A link to that category is below this paragraph. I am happy to provide you stunning footage of the “mighty B747” flying by and rolling it’s wings.

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