Last Flight of Captain Han Rupert @ KLM

Captain Han Rupert got his last flight due to retirement at KLM.
Final destination was JFK – New York City.
Due to circumstances crew control decided to send him up with a Triple Seven. They call it ‘ sending up as dead heading crew’.

So Captain Han Rupert and his ‘Wingman” First Officicer Bas van Wetten went as ‘non flying crew’ to JFK.
Captain Aloys Bodewes and First Officer René Tjabringa did operate this flight with the B777-200 reg PHBQB

and made it a special flight for them and also Han’s wife and children.

I (Bokito) did operate and film this pushback from stand E2 abeam D47 and ended with a very special ‘all clear signal’ referring to his wing on the chest.

Backflight KL646 , JFK-AMS, got also changed and did arrive one day later as planned.

On friday morning the 21th of June Captain Han made a left turn home base for RWY06..

The airtrafficcontroller offered a possible extra circuit to extend his fun of flying, and also the groundcontroller did after they vacated the runway after landing.
But because of some passengers who got a short connection for other flights, they decided not to operate extra flighttime.
Professional to the end and taxying to final stand D7.
Flight KL646 got operated with a A330-200 reg PHAOF