Captain Marcel Neuteboom made his last flight due to retirement at KLM.

Flight KL597-KL598 with the current callsigns KL103-KL104 heading to Capetown and back Amsterdam.

Kl103 departed at runway 36C after they got de-iced at the Juliet buffer and operated with the B777-300 registrated as PH-BVP.

Marcel’s last flight back to Amsterdam, KL104, was a very nice approach and landing at runway 18R. 

Appearing through the clouds with marvellous stripes of vortexes leaving behind, a slight crosswind and finally a smooth landing.

First Officer Lars vd Oudera supported this flight at the right seat and Haaye Minnema arranged this filmwork.

CA Robin de Geus did a great job during the whole trip by photographing all moments.


Video of Captain Marcel Neuteboom >>> click at next Youtube videolink >>>Last flight of Captain Marcel Neuteboom @ KLM



Next pictures below got photographed at taxiway Quebec by Jasper Meekel