Anita Groenewold (Senior Purser ) – Farewell Flight This Royal Dutch KLM flight was (wo)manned with: . cockpit crew (Captain Arjen, First Officers Ben and Joep & Second Officer Gert) and . cabin crew (Senior Purser Pieter and his CA’s Hans, Anqelique, Noor, Ingvar, Anke, Duco, Jacqueline, Tim en Nick) Departure on Wednesday November 11, 2020 KL843 (AMS-BKK) – PH-BVN – B777-300ER: stand F4, push & pull abeam A16 and a RWY18L departure Arrival on Sunday November 15, 2020 KL844 (BKK-AMS) – PH-BVO – B777-300ER: an early arrival at RWY18R (“Polderbaan”)     Videostills……………..