Captain Dirk Hoeben did have his last flight because of retirement at KLM. After a long career he had his retirementflight to Bangkok. Flight KL875-876 got operated by the PH-BVC and PH-BVF with a last landing at runway 27. Together with his wife Marchien, First Officers Dennis van de Wetering en Eijse Lodewijks. Sr pursers Jessica Kroes and Henk-Jan van de Nieuweweg. Watch the video by clicking next link>>>>> Last flight of Captain Dirk Hoeben last-flight-of-dirk-hoeben-captain-klm-b777-still002 last-flight-of-dirk-hoeben-captain-klm-b777-still007 last-flight-of-dirk-hoeben-captain-klm-b777-still011 last-flight-of-dirk-hoeben-captain-klm-b777-still013 last-flight-of-dirk-hoeben-captain-klm-b777-still017 last-flight-of-dirk-hoeben-captain-klm-b777-still020 last-flight-of-dirk-hoeben-captain-klm-b777-still022 last-flight-of-dirk-hoeben-captain-klm-b777-still023